MSc thesis: #0 - Let's begin

The journey begins

I’ve been thinking about my master thesis topic for a while, asking myself if it would have been better to be more practical, doing a thesis with a concrete project, or to follow my heart studying a more theoretical topic
The initial idea was to follow the practical part of me, doing a “real” project related to cryptography and software development;

Then came that idea.

The idea

After asking my network security professor about possibilities in his department we have decided the topic for the thesis:

Homomorphic encryption and its application in cloud computing.

It will be quite a long and steep path, I’ve to start from the beginning of lattice based cryptography before moving on to the Craig Gentry PhD thesis
I would try to publish a blog post every now and then, to keep track of progress, resources and maybe to sum up concepts I learn gradually

The beginning

In the last weeks I’ve started to study lattices and their properties. When I feel confident enough I will write an introduction to lattices, for the moment I leave here two very useful resources for beginners:

  • Prof. Micciancio course from UCSD: link
  • Prof. Regev course from Tel Aviv Univ.: link