I received my bachelor degree in computer engineering from University of Pavia.

My thesis was focused on the analysis of the main hardening tools in a Gnu/Linux environment, focusing on AppArmor; at the same time I also developed an interactive console written in Ruby (it’s indeed a ruby gem) to interact with the main AppArmor commands


During my bachelor studies I fell in love with math and at the moment I’m deeping my knowledge in cryptography related stuff. I’ve always liked Linux and (F)OSS world and (being quite lazy) I love to automate tasks with some Ruby and/or bash script. In my MsC degree I would try to improve my knowledge in IoT related fields

My M.Sc. thesis will be on homomorphic encryption and its application in Cloud Computing

Beyond IT related stuff I love to play chess (both classical and 960), go hiking and mountaineering.

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